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Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and here at BLOKWORX, we are on the leading edge of the cybersecurity defense world. By utilizing and providing deep learning to our business partners, we are not only ensuring that known threats will be eliminated before ever entering a network, we are looking deep into the data to find things that may not initially be visible through traditional means.

The BLOKWORX approach is to use real AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically scan for inconsistencies, anomalies, and out of the ordinary traffic patterns to provide protection well before an attack can occur. As the hackers get smarter and deploy more complex attacks, it becomes easier for them to find vulnerabilities and holes in traditional antivirus or security solutions. This is why it is so important to hire a team that has your best interest in mind, and at BLOKWORX, your data security is our top priority.

As important as scanning and prevention are, just as important is the ability to learn and adapt to a network’s environment. The BLOKWORX Deep Learning solution can not only evaluate but can learn over time. This is a game changer! As the next new ransomware, virus, or threat comes to wreak havoc on your network, our system can remember what those threats looked like and put on the virtual brakes to ensure your network is safe.

Our adaptive technology not only provides protection for the traditional network, but it can also provide protection for the many devices that are brought into the network. Mobile devices, (IoT) Internet of Things, IP enabled devices, and WiFi access can all wreak havoc on a typical network environment. Our solution protects the network from all of these devices and more.  It covers any device, any OS, any time with speed and accuracy.


  • Leading Edge Technology – Built from the ground up to tackle Cybersecurity threats using Deep Learning.
  • Predictive Threat Analysis and Response – Continuous monitoring and learning to stop threats before they are able to attack the network.
  • Beats the Competition – Detects threats at the highest rates in the industry and reports less false positives than any other solution.
  • An Expert Team – Our staff is trained and certified in cybersecurity, meaning you don’t have to worry about your data or the people working to protect your data.
  • Intelligently Automated – A single person can only do so much, with deep learning (AI) it is like having millions of eyes looking at and analyzing your network 24x7x365.

If network security is on your list of priorities or if you would like a complete evaluation of your network security, give our team a call.