No Organization Is Immune From Cyber Attacks

Every day we guard and defend our clients against vulnerabilities, attacks and threats across a wide range of industries around the globe. These include finance, manufacturing, construction, retail, medical-HIPAA and many more.

For example, a healthcare record is worth between $20 and $50 on the black market and a credit card number is worth about $2. While healthcare tops other industries for breaches according to the FBI, we know from experience that no organization or vertical is immune from cyber terrorism, regardless of size or location.

BLOKWORX Enterprise Security Platform allows you to rapidly improve the state of your security and the protection of your data. We have combined all key security functionality natively in our platform to deliver better visibility and more granular control over what is happening in your environment while simplifying daily security operations.

Security Assessment

A comprehensive security assessment is essential to ensuring you’ve identified and remediated all areas of risk. Our review of your organization’s current infrastructure focuses on three key areas: people, process and technology. We determine where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.


We engage with your employees and management team to discuss social engineering, phishing, what to look for, where risks are and systems to reduce your risks.


We’ll review your existing IT security policies to review and create IT security policy to minimize your company’s risk.


BLOKWORX veteran security experts identify areas where you’re vulnerable to external/internal threats. Our IT security professionals prioritize areas according to your company’s risk tolerance and address those areas immediately.

Why Security Testing Is Critical?

Security Testing, also known as penetration testing, is vital to determining areas of risk to your company’s important assets.

  • Profiling: Determines where you’re vulnerable to attack.
  • Enumeration and risk discovery: Finds systems and services that are reachable and review them for vulnerabilities.
  • Risk and vulnerability discovery: Identifies vulnerabilities and weak points from advertised assets.
  • Exploitation: We exploit in the same way hackers would by establishing access to systems through identified weaknesses and misconfigurations.
  • Persistence and exfiltration: We test how long we’re able to persist in the environment and how much valuable information we can retrieve.
  • Report on findings: We provide a report including actionable steps to patch all vulnerabilities and weak points.