Thanks for checking us out at the 2021 IT Sales and Marketing Big Red Rodeo!

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring this amazing event for the first time. In 2006, we started out just like you, offering IT and MSP services. In the past five years, we’ve reinvented ourselves to focus entirely on cybersecurity for MSPs.  We draw on our cybersecurity expertise,  armed forces heritage and cutting-edge technologies to protect your clients, so you can focus on everything else that pops up when running an IT business.

Between tickets, network challenges, and customer requests, it’s impossible for most MSPs to also keep up with all the security threats that come at their clients. Let us focus on your cybersecurity protection, so you can spend your valuable time on your core IT business and clients without worrying about what risks you might be missing or needing to have deep understanding of all the best in breed security vendors to cover your bases.

BLOKWORX simplifies security solutions and constantly prevents cyber threats before they become catastrophic events, so MSPs can protect their clients, reduce their risks and have peace of mind with a trusted and proven Security Partner watching their backs.

Troy Rubert

“Making the decision to move 2000+ endpoints under the MAED services model was a hard decision financially for us but it has been the best decision we have made from a security standpoint for our clientsBLOKWORX worked with us closely to get all our client base configured and implemented under their protection policies.  Working with the knowledgeable staff of BLOKWORX is a true privilege with our customers security at the forefront of it all.  We as a company sleep better at night knowing that BLOKWORX has our back.”

– Troy Rubert, CIO of Nashville Computer, Inc.

Meet Our Products


As people have moved (and stayed) in remote work environments, reliance on cloud-based applications has grown. The problem is these applications are targeted by hackers and have inherent vulnerabilities. As an MSP, you feel uncomfortably reliant on whatever security protocols the vendor has put in place. That’s where SCUD (Secure Cloud Unified Defense) comes in.

SCUD provides a layer of protection for cloud-based email and collaboration apps after your existing security and before the inbox. Traditional security overlooks applications like SharePoint, Slack, and Teams. SCUD protects these and other critical cloud-based applications, deploys like an app, and configures in a few clicks to start blocking phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that have evaded existing security.


This is not your typical industry standard endpoint defense response. As important as scanning and prevention are, it’s just as important to learn and adapt to a network’s environment. That’s why we employ deep learning capabilities to not only ensure that known threats will be eliminated before ever entering a network, but also to look deep into the data and find threats that would go undetected through traditional means.

MAED combines automation with human validation to maximize your cybersecurity framework. Our adaptive technology provides protection for the traditional network and can also provide protection for the many devices brought into the network. It covers any device, any OS, any time with speed and accuracy.

Try award-winning SCUD (Secure Cloud Unified Defense for cloud email and collaboration apps) or MAED (Managed Advanced Endpoint Defense), defer billing until 7/1/2021.

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5 Simple Shifts to Upgrade Your Clients’ Cybersecurity Without Investing in Building Your Own SOC or Relying Solely on Automated Tools!

In this webinar, we’ll show you:

  • How our clients offer top of the line cybersecurity solutions with vendor diversity without having to invest in, learn, and manage relationships with multiple major software vendors
  • How our clients utilize cybersecurity to expand their offering, revenue, and profit per seat without adding to their staff load
  • Why cybersecurity protection has gone beyond rudimentary firewall efforts and how utilizing out of the box solutions alone is leaving you open for attack
  • How our clients have adapted to the remote work from home environment profitably and securely without sacrificing client efficiency
  • How to show that you’re keeping your customers safe and making a business case for cybersecurity protection to avoid the “what have you done for me lately” question from clients
  • And how to do ALL OF THIS without investing in building your own SOC or relying solely on automated tools

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