Are you wondering if SD-WAN is right for your business?  SD-WAN provides companies with the ability to interconnect geographically diverse locations with lower cost internet connections traditionally served by expensive MPLS solutions. The ability to traffic shape, create QoS (Quality of Service), and dynamic routing over public internet connections, via any ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives business the flexibility and resiliency to support both day to day as well as business continuity/disaster recovery solutions. This means you are able to leverage the strongest carrier by region with lower cost internet links, versus higher cost private links like MPLS or point to point. Overall this can reduce costs significantly. Also, SD-WAN dynamically routes the optimum path and when designed with redundant links at locations, (for example: one cable internet and one LTE connection) the path will self-heal to maintain connectivity. This ensures reliability and efficiency, and can help to provide maximum uptime for your business.

Though it is easy to confuse SD-WAN with SDN, they are two very different things.  SDN is an architecture, whereas SD-WAN is an off-the-shelf technology built on the core concepts of SDN.

The reality is that today’s networks leverage multiple technologies for moving and routing traffic.  Your employees pull data from MPLS, LTE, and broadband connections.  The problem is that without an overarching control module that can route traffic to the best available link, downtime is bound to occur.

SD-WAN does much more than just this though.  In instances where transmission issues are detected, the technology will apply on-demand remediation to the link to ensure the best possible throughput.

The bottom line here is that today’s businesses have an absolute need for far-flung locations to be able to connect to their network, applications located in data centers, and cloud-based applications with a seamless efficiency across the Enterprise, and SD-WAN makes that possible.


  • Incredibly Easy to Deploy – SD-WAN provides ease of deployment. The process couldn’t be simpler!  One of the biggest advantages to cloud-based applications of any sort enjoy is the ease of scalability.
  • SD-WAN Offers Convenient, Centralized Control – WANs can be notoriously difficult to monitor and manage, but the BLOKWORX SD-WANs centralized control console makes managing every aspect of your network a breeze.
  • It Saves You Money – The BLOKWORX SD-WAN is less expensive to deploy than traditional WAN architecture. This savings manifests in a number of ways, including:
    • Leveraging existing network architecture to make better, more efficient use through smart routing.
    • The presence of a central command console makes problem identification easier, and means less troubleshooting and faster resolution.
    • Expansion and scalability can all be driven from a central point with little need for on-site provisioning.
    • No application-specific hardware needed.

Businesses are increasingly coming to recognize the value SD-WAN brings to the equation.  Companies that recognize its value today will find themselves well ahead of the curve, and in possession of a powerful strategic advantage.  Remember, uptime is life in today’s business environment.  Don’t fall behind.

For more information on BLOKWORX SD-WAN solution or for a complete evaluation to see if SD-WAN can help your business, give our team a call.