BLOKWORX is a Master Managed Security Service Provider (MMSSP) which collaborates with partners to remove the uncertainty in delivering proven cyber-security services. We provide services and processes in cooperation with our service and technology partners to identify, close, and defend gaps, and provide proven industry leading prevention. Leveraging state of the art, award winning technology, a BLOKWORX partnership will elevate your MSP offering to include the most elite in cyber security detection, protection, and prevention.

  • BLOKWORX was founded in 2006, and from day 1, everything we do starts with the same approach focusing on Security, Reliability, and Productivity (alternatively referred to as positive user experience)
  • BLOKWORX people are security minded, with greater than 75% of team prior service military.
  • BLOKWORX process adheres to or exceeds NIST-800 standards, leveraging both our experience and evolving technology standards.
  • BLOKWORX partners with leading technology partners, weaving recognized industry leading platforms into cohesive cyber-security defense systems.
  • BLOKWORX offers flexibility by providing scalable and “scope appropriate” solutions per client’s needs (compliance requirements) or tolerance for risk.
  • BLOKWORX provides our clients security and peace of mind based on our demonstrated expertise, ease of working with, strong process controls, and completeness of vision


BLOKWORX – We defend our clients against cybercrime and financial loss. We create raving fans by exceeding client expectations and demonstrating protections with innovative solutions and unyielding resolve.