Managed Cybersecurity Services

Every day BLOKWORX veteran security professionals guard and defend our clients, big and small, against vulnerabilities, attacks and threats around the world.

BLOKWORX veteran security professionals operate globally 24/7/365. Our approach is based on integrity, respect, accountability and practice. By seamlessly integrating and providing optimized infrastructure we deliver vigorous, aggressive, reliable and secure services to our clients.

100% U.S. based, BLOKWORX stands ever ready to protect and defend your assets. Our forward thinking approach ensures your technology will scale with and support your business objectives and growth for years to come.

Leading with Cybersecurity for clients since 2006.

Robert Boles

Robert Boles

Robert Boles

In 1999 I started assisting businesses with computer, network and connectivity to the internet. People didn't know what they needed, how to connect different devices, and why things just didn't "work". For the next 8 years I was a core technical contributor and presenter on an Advanced IP (Internet Protocol) Team, delivering bleeding edge WAN (Wide Area Network) and Managed Security services to Small, Mid-level and Fortune 500 businesses globally.

The experience working alongside such a wide range of clients led me back to the same conclusion, they ALL struggled with the same uncertainty - multiple vendors with infinite solutions, and no real clarity how to make it “work”.

In this engineering role, I saw the big picture, how things fit and interoperated together, and ultimately the solutions I created solved client’s business needs which drove my clients and my own success.

In 2006 I created BLOKWORX to further my passion for creating fast, secure networks that provide clients peace of mind. BLOKWORX from day 1 has been focused on security, reliability, and positive user experience. We do this by understanding how things work, extensive research and testing, alignment with our vendors, partners, and clients, and the experience of 1000’s of nodes managed, monitored and maintained, all supported by a mature delivery model built from years of experience.

I am a strong advocate of helping veterans find meaningful career opportunities, and our team is built on this credo.

Today there are over 2000 cybersecurity technology companies constantly innovating, and IT leaders are still sifting and sorting assembling the combination that “works". If some certainty in defending your network and your business are of interest, let’s talk.